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What We Offer for You
End-to-end digital solutions delivered to drive successful business outcomes
Search Engine Optimization
Increase organic visibility, quality traffic & sales of your online business. At Cedilla Singapore we help websites achieve higher rankings, increase revenue.
Social Media Marketing
Through social listening and social media analytics, we tailor strategies that drive successful campaigns across social media platforms.
Our paid search campaigns shadow your target audience, diverting them to your website helping you achieve footfalls and planned response.
Web Development
We at Cedilla create and manage customer-focused web development services built on the latest technologies. We specialize in PHP, Joomla, Magento, WordPress, Drupal website development.
Creative - UI - UX
Our creative team is a mix of UI and UX developers supported by Advertising experts with more than 100 plus websites handled.
Content Marketing
Not only do we produce great content we make sure it is consumed by the right audience. By creating the correct media-content mixes, we have made all the difference to our clients.
Email Marketing
We have almost reinvented email marketing. From the mobile responsive to the interactive, personalised email, we help brands deliver a personal touch to their communication.
Web Analytics
We crawl every bit of data that pertains to your website, analyse it and use it to redefine user experience on every section of your website.
Brand Awareness
We bring together our strengths on digital content, designing and digital marketing to push brand presence and engagement.

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